The WMTAC Team


Dennis Kelvie Co-Founder and President

Dennis Kelvie is a US Army Veteran and was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains. He has lived in the Bitterroot Valley for over 20 years, and is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Dennis has successfully operated two businesses in the Bitterroot Valley for over 10 years. He recognized a need for high skill/high threat training in the North West United States and Co-founded WMTAC.


Greg McWhirter, Director of Training

Greg McWhirter started his career in 2004 with Marion County Sheriff's Office. He spent 7 of his 11 years there as an investigator and served in the Gang  and Fugitive Warrants Unit. In 2008, he applied to and was accepted to be a member of the tactical team, serving high risk warrants, and being called out to dangerous situations. During that assignment he trained in Executive Protection, Tactical Police/Patrol Rifle, Emergency Vehicle Operations, High Risk Event Planning, and other SWAT tactics. While assigned to that team he was Certified as a Law Enforcement Instructor by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. He later earned instructor certificates in Less Lethal Munitions, Distraction Devices, and Ballistic/Manual breaching. He also served as the training officer for the tactical team for three years. 

In August of 2015 he left the Sheriff’s Office and moved to Western Montana. He took a law enforcement position with the state, and during his time there he recognized the need for high skill/high threat training available in the Northwest United States, and joined the WMTAC team. Now serves as the 

Director of Training

*Photo courtesy The Indy Star.


Chris Benson - Senior Law Enforcement Instructor

Chris was born and raised in the Bitterroot Valley, and graduated from the University of Montana Western with a B.A. in Psychology. He currently serves a full time Law Enforcement Officer for the State of Montana.  He has prior experience in conducting threat assessments in specified areas of operation, team movements and tactics, perimeter security techniques, and officer survival strategies. He holds current instructor certifications for Defensive Tactics, Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle, and is a graduate of the Montana SWAT school.


Mike Greene - Senior Military/PMC Instructor


Don Prout - Lead Military/Law Enforcement Instructor

Don Prout began his career with a Central Indiana Sheriff’s Office in 2006. He attended their Critical Emergency Response Team School later that year and was named assistant commander of the team in 2007.  In 2008 he was promoted and assigned to the Fugitive Warrants Unit and was responsible for serving felony warrants.  While assigned to Warrants he demonstrating superior tactical skills and abilities and was accepted and assigned to the tactical team where he was tasked with serving high risk felony warrants, responding to armed stand-offs, and conducting covert operations.   He attended training at NCTC-Northeast Counter Drug Training Center for Tactical Planning for Warrant Operations in 2009. He also obtained instructor certificates in Ballistic Shield Operations, Patrol Rifle Instructor and has 900 plus hours of documented training in areas that range from tactical operations to investigations.

In 2012 he left the Sheriff’s Office and joined the USAR. With his previous experience he quickly moved up the ranks and was selected for numerous special operations courses.  He was trained in Emergency vehicle operations, Mobile security,  Battlefield Forensics, Combat Lifesaver, Military operations in an urban terrain, Riot control (Civil Disturbance),  and unarmed self-defense . In July of 2015 he was deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). 


Tyler Helgeson - Military and LEO Instructor

Tyler Helgeson is a US Army Veteran and a former Paratrooper with 82nd Airborne Division.